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Who is Haas?

When you think about machine tool building corporations, perhaps the first and most famous name to come to your mind is Haas. If it isn’t, you must not know much about machine tool building. They have shown the world new and creative ways to advance our technology, and build better machine tools. As we push to rely more and more on our computer, it is vital that we can count on the strength, integrity, and durability of our machines.

What Are They Known For Today?

Like their reputation for being a leader of machine tools and repairs, Haas is known for specializing in various CNC machines. Some of their most popular products include:

  • CNC latches
  • CNC vertical machining centers
  • CNC horizontal machining centers
  • CNC rotary products

Their automated manufacturing centers ensure quality and speed of production for all of their products.

Applications and Uses

Technology and machines are a part of our daily and regular lives, no matter what. There is no going backward. As we move forward, we are realizing the full potential of our industries, and are always evolving. Machine technology has no boundaries, and neither make the possible applications and uses.

Machinery Resources International

Machinery Resources International is one of the world’s leading resellers of machinery parts, especially CNC parts. To gain this respect and trust from our customers, we believe that it is our duty to provide for our clients the best information and background histories on the companies and brands from which we sell. We do not want you to make a decision about making important technology and machinery parts purchases without knowing the full scope of that decision. We also provide a complete list for all customers to review when making decisions.

Haas Product Lines

Haas CNC Vertical Machining Centers

  • Haas VF-1
  • Haas VF-1YT
  • Haas VF-2
  • Haas VF-2SS
  • Haas VF-2SSYT
  • Haas VF-2YT
  • Haas VF-3
  • Haas VF-3SS
  • Haas VF-3APC
  • Haas VF-3APCQ
  • Haas VF-3SSAPCQ
  • Haas VF-3SSAPC
  • Haas VF-3TY/50
  • Haas VF-3SSYT
  • Haas VF-4
  • Haas VF-4SS
  • Haas VF-4APC
  • Haas VF-4APCQ
  • Haas VF-4SSAPC
  • Haas VF-4SSAPCQ
  • Haas VF-5
  • Haas VF-5EXT
  • Haas VF-5SS
  • Haas VF-5/50
  • Haas VF-6
  • Haas VF-6SS
  • Haas VF-6/50
  • Haas VF-7
  • Haas VF-7/50
  • Haas VF-8
  • Haas VF-8/50
  • Haas VF-9
  • Haas VF-9/50
  • Haas VF-10
  • Haas VF-10/50
  • Haas VF-11
  • Haas VF-11/50
  • Haas VF-12
  • Haas VF-12/50
  • Haas VS-1
  • Haas VS-3
  • Haas MDC-500

 Haas CNC Vertical Toolroom

  • Haas TM-1
  • Haas TM-2
  • Haas TM-3

 Haas CNC Vertical Mini Mill

  • Haas MINIMILL2

 Haas CNC Office

  • Haas OM-1
  • Haas OM-1A
  • Haas OM-2
  • Haas OM-2A
  • Haas OL-1

 Haas CNC Vertical Mold Machines

  • Haas VM-2
  • Haas VM-3
  • Haas VM-4

 Haas CNC vertical 5-Axis VMC

  • Haas VF-2TR
  • Haas VF-5/40TR
  • Haas VF-5/50TR
  • Haas VF-6/40TR
  • Haas VF-6/50TR
  • Haas VR-8
  • Haas VR-9
  • Haas VR-10
  • Haas VR-11

 Haas CNC Lathes

  • Haas GT-10
  • Haas GT-20
  • Haas SL-10
  • Haas SL-20
  • Haas SL-30
  • Haas SL-40
  • Haas SL-40L
  • Haas SL-20L
  • Haas SL-30L
  • Haas SL-30BB
  • Haas SL-20BB
  • Haas SL-40BB
  • Haas ST-10
  • Haas ST-20
  • Haas ST-30
  • Haas ST-40
  • Haas ST-40L
  • Haas ST-20SS
  • Haas ST-30SS
  • Haas ST-20Y
  • Haas ST-30Y
  • Haas ST-20SSY
  • Haas ST-30SSY
  • Haas DS-30
  • Haas DS-30Y
  • Haas DS-30SS
  • Haas DS-30SSY
  • Haas TL-15
  • Haas TL-25
  • Haas HL-1
  • Haas HL-2
  • Haas HL-3
  • Haas HL-4
  • Haas HL-5
  • Haas HL-6
  • Haas TL-1
  • Haas TL-2
  • Haas TL-3
  • Haas TL-3B
  • Haas TL-3W
  • Haas TL-4
  • Haas HPCL

 Haas CNC Horizontal Machining Centers

  • Haas HS-1
  • Haas HS-1RP
  • Haas HS-2
  • Haas HS-3
  • Haas HS-3R
  • Haas HS-4
  • Haas HS-4R
  • Haas HS-6
  • Haas HS-6R
  • Haas HS-7
  • Haas HS-7R
  • Haas EC-300
  • Haas EC-400
  • Haas EC-400PP
  • Haas EC-500
  • Haas ES-5-T
  • Haas ES-5-4AX
  • Haas ES-5-TR
  • Haas EC-630
  • Haas EC-1600
  • Haas EC-1600ZT
  • Haas EC-2000
  • Haas EC-3000

 Haas CNC Gantry/router

  • Haas SR-100
  • Haas SR-200
  • Haas GR-408
  • Haas GR-510
  • Haas GR-512
  • Haas GR-710
  • Haas GR-712

 Haas Vertical Drill & Tap Center

  • Haas DT-1

 Haas Rotary

    • Haas HA5C
    • Haas HA5C2
    • Haas HA5C3
    • Haas HA5C4
    • Haas HRT110
    • Haas HRT160
    • Haas HRT210
    • Haas HRT310
    • Haas HRT450
    • Haas HRT600HRTA5
    • Haas HRTA6
    • Haas T5C
    • Haas TR110
    • Haas TR1105X
    • Haas TR160
    • Haas TR210
    • Haas TR310
    • Haas TRT160
    • Haas TRT210
    • Haas TR310
    • Haas HRT160SP
    • Haas HRT-2
    • Haas HRT210HS
    • Haas HRT310SP
    • Haas HRTA5
    • Haas HRTA6
    • Haas T5C2
    • Haas T5CB
    • Haas TRT160B
    • Haas TRT210B
    • Haas HRT160SS
    • Haas HRT-160-2

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