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    Do you know what Accurshears are? These are machines that are expected to be highly durable. They come with low rake angles and their cycle times are fast. You can expect the Accurshear series to go with these different shears:

    • High Precision and ten gauge six-foot shear that can do 40 strokes per minute
    • Quarter inch by 12-foot shear that can do 20 strokes per minute. Take note that this shear weighs 21,000 pounds

    Which shears do you think will be perfect for you? It will depend on your needs and the features that you are searching. Are you still doubtful about the type of shears that will work best? Here are some things to consider:

    1. Find the shear design – There are two types of designs you can choose from namely swing beam design and guillotine design. The swing beam design ensures that shears will stay in proper position while moving while the guillotine design, on the other hand, makes sure that the beams of the shears are in position as the shear blades pass by each other.
    2. Consider the capacity of the shears – The size of the shears you like to have will depend on what you will use. Remember that for some shears to cut through steel; there are different levels of aluminum that may be placed on the shears in general.
    3. Get to know the shear drive systems first – If you are not familiar with shear drive systems, these are the systems responsible for making the blade move and cutting the materials quickly. There are five basic types available, but there may be further specifications that can make the basic types further categorized. The typical shear drive systems are: hydromechanical, mechanical, hydraulic, air and manual.
    4. Check if there are further enhancements needed – Once again, this will depend on how you will use the shears. Some shears can be utilized on their own and would not need other items to enhance their performance but if you think that this is important, search for shears that can be improved further by extra items you can also invest on.
    5. The safety of using the shears is always important – The security of the one who will operate the shears is the most important thing. You won’t get disappointed with the shears from Accurshears series as they are made with high-quality materials and safety features that will keep the user safe provided that all of the given instructions are followed. The person operating the shears should have the proper training to avoid accidents too.

    If you are interested to know the different accurshears that have been introduced by the company through the years, refer to the list below:

    • Accurshear 6135
    • Accurshear 6250
    • Accurshear 6375
    • Accurshear 6500
    • Accurshear 6750
    • Accurshear 61000
    • Accurshear 8250
    • Accurshear 8375
    • Accurshear 8500
    • Accurshear 8750
    • Accurshear 81000

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