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    Amera Seiki is an American machinery company run by President and CEO Rick Walsh. He founded the company in 1991 because he saw a need for better quality machines that could be sold at competitive prices. Walsh was a certified machinist that had found an enormous amount of success in tool sales because he knew to listen to his customers and what they wanted. By yearning to understand what they wanted, he could then help create a better-quality machine. Walsh uses quality, reliability, and price to determine what to sell within his own company. Because he had previously sold devices from several top brands, Walsh can zero in on what his clients truly need.

    Amera Seiki has always had a focus on making machines with a strong and thick base to give them an advantage over other brands on the market. Added weight has provided an Amera machine the ability to use more powerful drive systems and powerful motors. Castings are not a corner that should be cut when it comes to creating a better device. The company’s mission has long been ‘great machines, great prices, and excellent service.’ Every customer knows that their voice is heard, and the difference is that no company can beat the Amera Seiki level of quality.

    Types of Machines and Service

    With its headquarters center in Houston, the company provides different kinds of machines to meet any industrial need. Amera Seiki has an extensive line of CNC machines that brings heavy competition to the industry. Their selection includes:

    • Vertical Bridge and Gentry Mills
    • Traveling Column Mills
    • Horizontal Boring Mills and Milling Machines
    • Vertical Turn Lathe
    • Big Bore, Slant Bed Lathes
    • Twin Spindle and Twin Turret Lathes
    • Horizontal Machining Centers

    Because Amera Seiki is so proud of what they produce, they also offer experienced service members to help you manage your machines to run smoothly. They provide quality products to a network of dealers around the country, as well as a full-service staff with almost a century of combined experience.
    Our staff has an extensive knowledge and a large parts inventory located at our first office in Houston, Texas. They can promise you that, if your warranty issue is not resolved with the help of our excellent customer support, they will make sure that you see an expert service engine from Amera Seiki on site in two days or less. This type of service is how we stick out among other machinery companies.

    For more than 25 years, Amera Seiko has emphasized local availability. The most key components of our machines need to be available for customers whenever they are needed, as they can make or break how their machines run from day to day. No matter what location are you in, you will be able to find the part that you need with a little delay so that you can quickly get back to work. It is why we have expanded our dealer network from coast to coast so that you do not have to.
    Customer Value

    Amera Seiki values every customer. Rick Walsh was able to lend in the ear to so many clients in his days of selling machinery brands, and because of this, he became successful in delivering his promise. The chosen dealer must have the top quality service and repair. Otherwise, they would be unable to comply with these commitments alongside Amera Seiki.

    Amera Seiki is dedicated to the customer and their machinery. Without the client, there is truly no reason to do business. If you cannot find an Amera Seiki dealer in your area, call up customer service and only ask for great machines, good prices, and award winning service.

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