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    Chiron provides rapid manufacturing and turnkey solutions for metal processing. Selling only the best-controlled machining centers, customers will find that Chiron provides machines with maximum productivity.

    About Chiron

    Chiron began in 1921. They began as a producer of surgical instruments and started making compressors in the 1950s. It produces medical devices for the German Army during World War II; Chiron also made components for the first jet engine. After the second World War was over, the 1950s brought compressors and paint spray guns to Chiron’s forefront.

    Chiron also produced small cars starting in the late 1940s, but after just a few prototypes, this idea was abandoned for an increase in capacity of low- and high-pressure compressors. It also began to provide plant production equipment and road making machines. In the late 1950s, Chiron was acquired by Hoberg & Driesch, which mean more of the development and manufacturing of parts for milling and thread cutting machines. It indeed laid the foundation of what they do today in machine tool production.

    Chiron, since the early 1960s, has produced machining tools, vertical and horizontal machining centers, and special purpose machines. Their legendary FZ 16 was first introduced in the early 1980s, which is said to be the column machine with the fastest tool changer on the market. Thanks to this incredible machine, Chiron was truly able to cement their outstanding and innovative reputation. They came to the U.S. market in the 1990s.

    The motto at Chiron is “produce variety without retooling.” With the introduction of its Flexline in the 1990s, the concept strived to increased flexibility in machinery while lower unit costs.


    For almost 100 years, Chiron has been growing and changing into the powerhouse that it is today. Producing high-quality precision machines that are dedicated to only the highest standards in quality, efficiency, and speed, Chiron is racing to the forefront of innovation. With comprehensive service and available, customer service is available around the clock to serve every customer need.

    • Bar Machining
    • Profile Machining
    • 5-Axis Machining
    • Multi-Spindle Machining
    • Long-bed and Pendulum Machining

    Chiron produces machinery for competitive industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, precision, and mechanical industries. As demonstrated throughout Chiron’s history, they too want to see your business use their powerful machinery and tools to experience your full potential.

    Environmental Protections

    Chiron has also, in recent years, raised quality standards even higher to meet environmental protection standards, growing occupation safety and health protection, and a strict code of quality on every machine. Chiron is more than just dedicated to improving quality and flexibility, but any and all legal measures and inspections. Each employee and service member knows that safety is essential, especially when reflected in the quality of a machine and how they can use it.

    Chiron strives to save energy and uses it sparingly whenever possible. We have found that it is possible to minimize waste, environmentally harmful emissions, and waste water if only the right measures and industrial actions are taken. As is at the core of Chiron, innovation keeps us – and our machinery – at the top.

    The Customer

    Chiron also provides services 24 hours a day, seven days we week with production support, teleservice, replacement parts, modernization, and retrofitting of your machinery. Chiron, despite its massive growth, has a dedicated support system to stay close to every customer. The business would surely provide a reliable help when needed and asked for, and our service staff is prepared with the knowledge and expertise that the clients need.

    Over the years, Chiron has evolved. From medical tools in World War II to high-quality and flexibility machines for businesses in various industries, Chiron has always listened to its customers’ needs and stood by them. Customers will receive only accurate and factual information from the company that they trust, with environmentally aware and safety-centered repair and services.

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