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    The journey to find the machines that you need for your business is always going to be complicated if you have not made any effort to search for the right company to purchase supplies primarily. One company you should check is Marubeni – Citizen-Cincom. Get to know more about the company as you read below.

    It was in the year 1984 when Marubeni – Citizen-Cincom was established as one of the Swiss – type centers available. The creation of this company is the fusion of two respected Japanese corporations namely Marubeni Corporation and Citizen Watch Company. The location of the business’s headquarters is at Allendale, New Jersey. The company has managed to grow over the years as the things that they work on has continued to grow. Its few decades in the industry proves that they aim to give people a broad range of supplies and tools that one can use for different purposes.

    They are known to provide supplies and tools that can be useful for the manufacturing of the following products:

    • Electronics
    • Automobiles
    • Aerospace defense
    • Tools
    • Fasteners
    • Medical Instruments
    • Fiber Optics
    • Business Machines
    • Firearms
    • Valves

    We at Machinery Resources International aim to provide you with used Marubeni – Citizen-Cincom supplies, tools, and machines that you can use for your projects depending on your chosen industry. We know that you want to learn vital information about the company and all the devices that you can use to develop your craft.

    We have been providing our services to customers for over 70 years. We have already learned a lot about how we can make our customers happy by providing images of the various tools and machines they may be interested in as well as for as brief background descriptions about each model. These descriptions are meant to improve customer’s chances of making the right decisions.

    There are various models that Marubeni – Citizen-Cincom has provided through the years. Here are the models that you ought to know about:

    CNC Swiss Turning Centers:

    • Citizen A16
    • Citizen A20
    • Citizen A32
    • Citizen B12 Type I
    • Citizen B12 Type V
    • Citizen B12 Type VI
    • Citizen C16 Type VII
    • Citizen C32 Type VII
    • Citizen E16
    • Citizen E25
    • Citizen E32
    • Citizen F12
    • Citizen F20
    • Citizen F25
    • Citizen FL-42
    • Citizen K16 Type VI
    • Citizen K16 Type VII
    • Citizen L16 Type I
    • Citizen L16 Type II
    • Citizen L16 Type V
    • Citizen L16 Type VI
    • Citizen L20 Type VII
    • Citizen L20 Type VIII
    • Citizen L20 Type IX
    • Citizen L20 Type X
    • Citizen L25
    • Citizen L32
    • Citizen M12
    • Citizen M20
    • Citizen M32

    Do you have used machines that you wish to sell with us? You can give us a call or contact us if we could accommodate you with your request. For items that we are selling, our website will provide the various models and tools in detail.

    If in case you need further details about the company or you have some inquiries about the products that we are selling do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than willing to provide the information you are needing

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