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15 Jun

Customer First Mentality Prevails in B2B

No matter what you are shopping for, finding a seller that puts the customer’s needs before their own is important.  However, customer first mentality is particularly important in business to business industries.

When you are making a large investment for your company, it is vital that you make it from a reputable company with your best interests in mind.  Choosing a customer first company is even more important when you are investing in machinery.  Your production line depends on it.

Machinery Resources is one such company where the customer first mentality prevails. The B2B company resells machinery from top brands like Mori Seiki, Okuma, Haas CNC, Matsuura, and Mazak. And meeting the unique specific needs of the client is always the top priority.

I have built Machinery Resources International, Inc. on reputation, and doing our homework on behalf of our customers. Whether it is maximizing the ROI for our sellers,  or finding the right machine tool for our buyer’s production needs,  Machinery Resources takes an approach that fits the customer’s timeline and specific requirements,” says owner Alan Gottlieb.  “We always put the customer first,” adds Gottlieb.

How important is customer first mentality?

A recent Gallup Poll uncovered a key trend in B2B industries. It found customers expect companies to offer both in-depth knowledge and unique perspectives.  Buyers want sellers armed with helpful insights that address their concerns. It found only 31% of B2B customers believes that suppliers understand their needs. [1]

Putting the customer first allows Machinery Resources International, Inc. to meet and exceed these client expectations.   With their customer first mentality, B2B customers can purchase machine tools with confidence from Machinery Resources.  Customers can count on learning about the machining equipment from experienced and seasoned professionals.

Have questions about buying or selling used equipment? Contact Machinery Resources.

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