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    Dainichi Machinery has always had a spirit of innovation. They focus on being original without losing sight of what is most important – remaining innovative in the face of a changing industry, technology, and customers’ needs.

    About the Company

    Shozo Koyama founded Dainichi Kinzoku Company in 1931. His business was formerly called the Koyama Store. In 1937, they were able to design their universal machine tool; their DL-6 lathe was developed in 1952. Dainchi remains to be one of the first companies to introduce the basis for today’s machine.

    Today Dainichi is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of small, medium, and large lathes. They consistently invest and participate in research and development of lathes and manufacturing facilities.

    What They Do

    The plant in Gifu, Japan still employs 180 people and utilizes state-of-the-art technology. This technology is used to manufacture the high-quality precision machines that the company is so well known for. Dainichi is much more than a machinery manufacturing. Their highly knowledgeable team ensures that each team member can produce only the best product.

    Small businesses and workshops can turn to Dainichi for CNC and roll lathes as well as universal machine tools. Three top sellers can be purchased from this innovative Japanese machinery company.

    The DL series, also called the Techno Turn, is a flexible and operator-oriented machine that was designed to produce small lot parts. There is no numerical computer program necessary to run this tool, although it is flexible enough to process such programming. The M/W Series is said to be the royalty of machine tools. This series is exceptionally reliable and works the hardest of any machine tool that customers can buy for their shop.

    Lastly, the DR series is often said to be number one it is an industry. Whether clients are looking for a new or used rolling process roll, this is the best machine for the job. Regardless of which device customers choose to buy or need for their company, support and maintenance are important to preserve the life of the machine.

    The expert team at Dainichi is not only able to design devices that can be used for a lifetime but to help maintain those machines as well. One of their highest priorities remains to be the care of the lathes that they are so well-known for. With technical advice for hands-on maintenance and a growing knowledge base, Dainichi works hard to take care of customers at every stage in their machine’s life.

    Into the Future

    Dainichi will continue to set the mold for lathes today and into tomorrow. They will always strive for the best devices with the best support possible. Dainichi was founded to create great machines to fulfill customers’ needs and to continue to build something better. They will continue to evolve with the times to build a better machine.
    With the advancement of technology and every new possibility that the future will only make Dainichi work even more for every customer.

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