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    Deckel is a German machine-tool company, although, at its start, its machines were not advertised well. Known today for versatility and widespread among many machinists around the world, Deckel has come a long to cement its name as synonymous with hard-working machine tools.

    History of Deckel

    From the early years of the 20th century, the Deckel Company was intimately involved in the photography industry, camera manufacturing. Leaf shutters were their specialty, and these were sold under the name Compur. It was commonly used by another large company at the time, Hasselblad.

    Unfortunately, for a long time, Deckel’s machine-tool production was massively overshadowed, and it was not until the mid-1980s, which the shutters and lenses that they produced, fell out of demand that it was realized. Around that time, Deckel merged with Alfred Gauthier by its parent company, Zeiss. They were then using much of these machine-tools in their production of camera parts. However, soon after machine trade journals and new advertising came about, Deckel became more well-known for what they did best.

    First Machine

    The first device created by Deckel can be traced back to World War I. It had a very versatile design, and the company advertised it as ‘FP,’ which later evolved to ‘F0.’ It had a slender central column and a t-slotted vertical table, which could be mounted on dividing apparatus. At the top, it had a flat horizontal flat-belt drive spindle. It was primarily built for the production of punch dies, and each of these pieces connecting to it serves a specialized purpose in this process.

    There was a significant improvement in the design throughout the years that followed, and the first was released in the 1930s. Their ‘stick shift’ feature stood out to make the machine distinctively Deckel. This device becomes the grandfather to the FP series (1, 2, 3, and varieties of the machine). They became and remain the most desirable types of machining tools for many businesses and home workshops.

    The FP has a versatile design that allows the user to solve a plethora of machining issues. The secret of the machines in this series is as mentioned: they can fit a variety of mounts and heads. These include horizontal, standard, vertical, high-speed vertical, and slotting. There may also be a variety of tables attached, such as plain, plain-tilting, and compound swiveling. The heads can be driven both forward and back across the top of the central column for an in-and-out feed. Powerfully enough, this can occur while the table can use vertical feeds.

    Innovation in the Modern Age

    Deckel today, as it has always done, has a team of expert professionals that pride themselves on the most accuracy. Because of the complexity and flexibility of their machines, the experts at Deckel know that this precision knowledge is crucial to not only running a good machine but using it to produce an ideal product. It is not just a matter of machining, but it is also about history that Deckel has remained as one of the top brands in its industry.

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