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    Advertised as being pioneers in innovative tooling solutions, DeVlieg had humble beginnings. However, with hard work and dedication to being only the best, they are much more than a small Midwestern machining business.


    DeVlieg was first founded as Univeral Engineering in the mid-1920s in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Its first production lines created the toy aluminum airplane, which was soon discontinued because they began to produce manufacturing bushings. These parts were standard drill bushings and placed into precision machine tools, including those first made for numerically controlled machines (father to the CNC, computer numeric control machines).

    DeVlieg was able to function during the Depression thanks to this switch. During the war, the business was able to make a tremendous effort for the defense program and even brought the public eye to their community. They were able to give a P-51 Mustang Fighter Plane to the United States Air Force, cementing their conscious war effort.

    Today, the company operates as Universal/DeVlieg, and of course, has expanded quite a bit over the years to match their business’ needs. Able to provide a multitude of products for a plethora of problems and solutions, DeVlieg never shifts below the high reputation that it’s built.

    What They Do

    DeVlieg, as demonstrated through their history, Universal Engineering and DeVlieg has always prided themselves on providing innovative solutions that cut costs for businesses for nearly 100 years. Exclusive products remain a cornerstone of the firm, and they are one of the original creators of the tool holding and precision boring solutions.
    Their highly trained and highly technical staff has exceeded 30,000, and there are over 10,000 standard items in their inventory. These productions include:

    • Collets and Collet Sets
    • Collet Nuts and Chucks
    • Drill Chucks
    • Kwik-Switch
    • Height Gauges

    Being able to create great specials to clients consistently is something that separates DeVlieg from the rest. The team can challenge themselves and expand their knowledge base and expertise. This expansion is then handed down to customers, only increasing the trust that they can place in DeVlieg’s high-quality machining tools and accessories. Specials include the Kwik-Switch 200 and 300 Master Holder with Cat 450 Shank.

    They have worked closely over the years with Kwik-Switch, which is advertised as ‘fast, rugged, and accurate.’ These automatic locking spindles offer quick change between tools and lock for effective use. Even when they are cut a bit rough, it only helps with their locking capabilities. Since before World War II, DeVlieg has worked with Kwik-Switch and firmly believes in their products, which can even be retrofitted on most available machines. Customers can be confident in the confidences that DeVlieg has in Kwik-Switch.

    The Universal Engineering Promise

    At DeVlieg, the customer service is both nationwide and worldwide. Every business can benefit from incredibly high-quality and long-lasting tool holding and precision manufacturing solutions. From having design engineering expertise to the ability to apply special consideration and solution to a customer’s problem, DeVlieg has been providing solutions to mechanical problems for almost 100 years. Their attention to detail and ear for innovation will follow them into the future.

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