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    Doosan Machine Tools America used to be known as Daewoo Machine Tools. The change happened in the year 2005. Doosan is still known to be one of the largest machine tools manufacturers in the world. The success of Doosan did not occur overnight. The company has worked hard to become well known in the industry.

    They have provided quality materials that are used to create items for different industries. It also helps that they have the broadest range of machines and tools. No matter what you are searching for, you will find items that will fit the specifications that you need.

    From the year 1976, Doosan that used to be known as Daewoo has created its line of machine tools that are usually composed of milling machines and manual lathes. As time went on, their product line continued to improve. It came to the point that they have 100 CNC products available to customers.

    Some of their most popular CNC products are the following:

    • CNC Vertical Turning Center
    • CNC Horizontal Turning Center
    • CNC Vertical Machining Center
    • CNC Horizontal Machining Center
    • Robotics
    • EDM Machines
    • Boring Mills

    There are so much more that the company can offer. They have continued to improve the machines that they produce over the years. Doosan is proud to present CNC machines that may come with two-axis lathes to multi-axis lathes.

    Reasons to Choose Doosan Tools

    You can expect Doosan tools to have the following qualities:

    • Powerful motors
    • Integral box guide
    • Meehanite cast iron construction

    If you purchase Doosan tools, you will not have any regrets as they are meant to last for a long time. If you want to know the list of machines and tools produced over the years, refer to the list below.


    • Doosan Lynx 220A
    • Doosan Puma 240B
    • Doosan Puma 240MB
    • Doosan Puma 2500LSY
    • Doosan Puma TT2500SY
    • Doosan GLX8
    • Doosan GLX12
    • Doosan GLX20
    • Doosan Puma 1500SY
    • Doosan Puma 2000Y
    • Doosan Puma 2000LSY
    • Doosan Puma 2500
    • Doosan Puma 2100
    • Doosan Puma 2600
    • Doosan Puma 3100
    • Doosan Puma 300
    • Doosan Puma 400
    • Doosan Puma 480
    • Doosan Puma 700
    • Doosan Puma 800
    • Doosan Puma MX1600
    • Doosan Puma MX2100
    • Doosan Puma MX2600
    • Doosan Puma MX3100
    • Doosan Puma TL2000
    • Doosan Puma TL2500
    • Doosan Puma TT1500SY
    • Doosan Puma TT1800SY
    • Doosan Puma V400
    • Doosan Puma V550


    • Doosan DCM 2740
    • Doosan DCM 2750
    • Doosan DCM 2760
    • Doosan DCM 3250
    • Doosan DCM 3260
    • Doosan DCM 3280
    • Doosan DCM 3780
    • Doosan DCM 37100
    • Doosan DNM 400
    • Doosan DNM 500
    • Doosan DNM 650
    • Doosan Mynx 5400
    • Doosan Mynx 6500
    • Doosan Mynx 7500
    • Doosan VC 400
    • Doosan VC 500
    • Doosan VM 750
    • Doosan VM 960


    • Doosan HC 400
    • Doosan HM 1000
    • Doosan HM 1250
    • Doosan HM 5000
    • Doosan HM 6300
    • Doosan HM 8000
    • Doosan HP 4000
    • Doosan HP 5100
    • Doosan HP 5500
    • Doosan HP 6300

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