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    Faccin has been in business for over 50 years and is the leading bending specialist in the world. With a vision that believes in producing high-quality machines that help to increase the benefits for fabricators around the world. Faccin strives to meet both present and future needs for their clients.


    Founded in 1960, Faccin was established as Faccin Srl. In 1960. One of the first production lines started a three-roll mechanical pyramid plate bending rolls without an initial punch (known as the SI series) and with it (the ASI series). The 1970s saw a development into turning rolls that came with pre-bending (CI series), four rolls (4CI series), and with hydraulically controlled movements (HCI series).

    In the 1980s, Faccin began to seek innovation and find new solutions for problems currently being seen within new market demands. Companies began to see a higher demand in the field of automation for production processes. In response to this issue, Faccin created the RCM and RCMI series that had universal rolls. From this point on, Faccin saw more of importance in innovation and began to charge to the head of the pack.

    In the 1990s, Faccin began to increase the precision and reliability of plate bending rolls to improve their place in the market. Because of the changes implemented, they have been able to apply innovative technologies such as:

    • Electronically Synchronized Rolls Parallelism (EPS)
    • Multi-Bearing System (MCS)
    • Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

    These new technologies, and the fact that Faccin was so willing to use their incredible knowledge and expertise to change with the needs of the market, help to skyrocket the company to the top.

    Machines and Services

    Faccin is a world leader in the design, manufacturing, and sale of the plate and angle rolls, bending rolls, dished heads, and other special machines. Bending rolls from Faccin come in a variety of thicknesses and are technologically advanced machines capable of bending to precision. These devices help to increase productivity and long-term reliability.

    Angle rolls, much like bending rolls, are suitable for bending steel, stainless steel, and aluminum in various shapes and sizes. They come in two models. The first is the RCMI, or Double Pinch Angle Rolls, in which they design it for bending profiles with high flexion strength modules. The second model is Taurus or Variable Geometry Angle Roll.

    Dished heads help manufacturers of tanks and pressure vessels, and can function as production lines that include presses, flanging machines, and manipulators. As with all the machinery sold by Faccin, there is a significant need for high productivity, extreme accuracy, and only the strongest quality material. They created individual machines with the same high-quality care and Faccin promise.

    Looking to the Future

    Faccin has always strived to not only move with the tides of technology but to remain ahead of it. During their history, they did not just follow market demands and meet customers in the middle. Faccin moves beyond those needs and has remained one of the most technologically advanced leaders in their industry.

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