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    Who is Fadal?

    While the brand has changed hands several times, Fadal is one of the leading machine parts and service companies in the nation, and the world. They grew quickly through investing in their infrastructure and providing high quality, and sustainable materials and products. Through this focus on growth and quality, Fadal became one of the most successful machinery brands and companies. As the company evolves and moves into the future, they play a significant role in the growth of machinery and machinery products; they do so in a slightly different way.

    History of Fadal

    Fadal began it’s run as a machinery giant, where they tried to create a name for themselves. They grew quickly, focusing on the establishment of a strong internal flow, while at the same time keeping up with the changes in the new world. The machine parts and service industry moves at a very fast pace to keep up with the technological innovations going on at the same time. Fadal has changed hands for many times, being owned by different companies through the years. However, despite these changes, the quality of the parts and services offered has never changed.

    Major Innovations

    Fadal is known all around the world as one of the largest suppliers of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery. These products are the highest quality while remaining affordable for users of all situations. As the times change, and the needs of clients and customers change, Fadal has been more than willing to change with them, creating innovative products that highlight your needs and meet every requirement you have. Some of Fadal’s most popular products include:

    • Vertical Machining Centers
    • Horizontal CNC Latches

    These are the flagship products of the brand and are used to help create dies, molds, and parts for energy, medical, automotive, and aerospace industries, contributing to fuel more innovation in all areas of life.


    While Fadal is a worldwide company and is known all around the world, they have changed hands several times. In 1995, the founders sold their original company to 1995. Since then, the company has moved around several times, through various acquisitions and mergers. In 2013 they reopened their businesses, and in 2014 showcased their latest and most advanced technologies. Most recently, however, Fadal has been acquired by MAG Global Companies, who will help give them the expansion, resources, and exposure to continue their growth around the world.

    Machinery Resources International

    Machinery Resources International is one of the world’s leading resellers of machinery parts, especially CNC parts. To gain this respect and trust from our customers, we believe that it is our duty to provide for our clients the best information and background histories on the companies and brands from which we sell. We do not want you to make a decision about making important technology and machinery parts purchases without knowing the full scope of that decision. We also provide a comprehensive list for all customers to review when making decisions.

    CNC Vertical Machining Center

    • Fadal VMC-15
    • Fadal VMC-20
    • Fadal VMC-2216
    • Fadal VMC-3016
    • Fadal VMC-3016L
    • Fadal VMC-4020A
    • Fadal VMC-6535
    • Fadal VMC-40
    • Fadal VMC-15XT
    • Fadal VMC-4020
    • Fadal VMC-4020HT
    • Fadal VMC-5020
    • Fadal VMC-4525
    • Fadal VMC-6030
    • Fadal VMC-6030HT
    • Fadal VMC-8030
    • Fadal VMC-8030HT
    • Fadal VMC 3020
    • Fadal VMC 6535

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