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    Fanuc is a Japanese machinery tool manufacturing company founded in 1956 by Dr. Seiuemon Inaba. It was the first company to develop the SERVO mechanism in Japan’s private sector. The first numerical control machine was shipped in the late 1950s, and the first continuous path NC and electro-hydraulic pulse motor were developed just one year later.

    Over the next two decades, Fanuc continued to create firsts for not only Japan but the world and its machining industry. In the early 1970s, CNC was introduced on a commercial level, and the industry saw the first modularized NC. As technology advanced through the years, Fanuc has always understood the need for extensive research and development efforts.

    Layers of Fanuc

    There are three pillars of the Fanuc business. They include the FA Business Division (based in NC and SERVO, the Robot Business Division, and the Robomachine Business divisions. Together they work hard to be ‘one Fanuc’ and support the company’s many clients and machine technologies. They are unified under the service that they provide, innovation, and reassurance to their high-quality manufacturing plants around the world.

    Fanuc has several laboratories and factories dedicated to bettering their machinery and technology. It is not only for every customer but for the future of machinery itself.


    Each layer has their respective products. Fanuc’s FA Business’ products include CNC machines, Servo Motors, and lasers. The Robotic Division at Fanuc has some robots that serve various functions. The Robodrill is a compact machining center, while the Roboshot is an electric injection molding machine. The Robocut is a wire-cut electric discharge machine, and the Robonano is an ultra-precision machine.

    Fanuc is always designing new products to serve new purposes for each client. They have indeed contributed to a worldwide manufacturing revolution. They have helped evolve from the automation of a single piece to the creation of a factory’s entire production line.

    Fanuc does not only leave a client after a sale has been made. Although they are based in Japan, Fanuc can provide only the best and most comprehensive maintenance service around the world. Their global customer service network will make sure that each client’s needs and those of their products remain a top priority. The importance of customer service means that machinery operates at top condition, is highly productive, and has a long life.

    Looking Forward

    Fanuc has continually contributed to the promotion of automation for their customers. Their headquarters remains in Oshino-mura, in the Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan. While they have stayed faithful to their roots, Fanuc’s machinery and supports reach to the Americas, Europe, and throughout Asia. Fanuc makes yearly efforts to become more environmentally friendly and has expanded their information security management efforts to create a better world for their customers.

    Fanuc is a company that has always remained on top of the advancements in technology. With an emphasis on cutting costs with remaining reliable, the Japanese company has always strived to go above and beyond the others in their industry.

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