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    Femco or Far East Machinery Company located in Chia-yi, Taiwan was founded in 1949.

    Since 1977 the U.S. office has been importing quality Femco machine tools such as:

    • CNC Lathes
    • CNC Vertical Machining Centers
    • CNC Horizontal Boring Mills
    • CNC Vertical Lathes
    • CNC Wheel Turning Centers

    Each of Femco’s machines is painstakingly checked and tested to make sure that they sustain our complete standards of excellence before we send the machines to our patrons.

    Our primary goal is to deliver extraordinary quality goods and service industries through our worldwide network of suppliers and area offices.

    Femco has been making metalworking tools since 1958.


    Horizontal Lathes include; HL-55/1250/2000/2500, HL-25, HL-25 DM, HL-25 Durga, HL-35, and HL-45.
    The HL-55 is the largest slant bed, HL-25 is the smallest, HL-35 is the medium size.

    Boring Mills include several models that include; BMC-110R, BMC-110R2, BMC-110R3, BMC-135R, BMC-110T2, BMC-110T3, BMC-110FT2, and BMC-110FT3. Each of these has a 35 hp geared head spindle.

    Vertical Lathes includes four which are; VL-12, NVL-12M, VL-25M, and VL-25. Each of these has a 60 horsepower motor. The first two has 49.21″ diameter rotary table; the other two have 106″ diameter rotary table.

    VMC Series contains 6 machines that include; MCV-300, VL 700, MCV-1100, V43, MCV-1600, and V2000. Each of these machines has a different load capacity of 551 pounds, 770 pounds, and 2200 pounds.

    Wheel Turning Machines there are seven devices in this series that include; WHL-55, WHL-55SP, WHL-68, WHL-68SP, WVD-24, WVL-F24, and WVL-F24A. The first 4 have a 2500 RPM spindle, the WVD-24 has an 8000 rpm spindle, and last two have a 2,000 RPM spindle speed.

    Big Bore Lathes the six machines are; BL 710 1000 6, BL-710-2000-9, BL-810-1000-6, BL-810-2000-9, BL-975-2000-9, and BL-975-3000-12. Each has a 35 horsepower geared head spindle, a spindle coolant system, and each has different optional accessories.

    Other Femco products

    Other products by Femco include; Steel Technology, Pipes and Tubes, Manufacturing Applications, and Engineering and Construction.

    The Steel Technology established in 1993 is a leading provider of the finest ranking steel pipes to the elite golf club OEM companies and distributors, including TaylorMade, Callaway, Cleveland, Mizuno, Nike, Ping, and Titleist.

    The Pipes and Tubes In 1976, FEMCO was recognized by the American Petroleum Institute as a quality manufacturer. Our company became the first machine company in Taiwan to brandish the API monogram. Furthermore, in April 2007, FEMCO got API 5L PSL2 license to manufacture more high-quality products.

    Manufacturing Applications provides services that enable product development and automation

    Engineering and Construction include petrochemical equipment, spherical shell tanks and towers, refrigerated storage tanks, pressure vessels, pipelines for hydropower, fire power and nuclear power plants, hydropower turn-key projects, steel structures and car park facilities, hydraulic equipment, waste incineration turnkey plants, petrochemical pipe lines, passenger boarding bridges, environmental protection facilities, military and defense equipment, and special purpose carriers.

    Femco continually strives to improve their products and services to serve their customers better.

    When you buy an FEMCO product, Femco is with you from purchase to delivery to upkeep and maintenance; this is to make sure that their customers are delighted.

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