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    Who is Flow International Cooperation?

    Flow International Cooperation is one of the world’s most famous manufacturing and industrial cleaning markets. They are responsible for setting the gold standard in ultrahigh-pressure water jet technology, which is perhaps the most used type of cleaning unit in the nation. Flow International is also a leading manufacturer of robotics equipment.

    Major Products

    As researchers from Boeing left the company and created Flow Research, they began a tradition of innovation and technological pairing that would last throughout Flow’s history. Flow is not satisfied with being successful, and they do not stop innovating. They are always looking for the latest and greatest technology to use within their products. As mentioned earlier, Flow is responsible for creating the ultrahigh-pressure water jet that has been used in cleaning, but also in mechanical cutting. As the technology has expanded, this flagship product can now cut materials that are as thick as 12 inches.

    Flow has reached audiences around the world in various industries and companies. The ultrahigh-pressure water jet has been used to assist the growth, expansion, and innovation from the following industries:

    • Aerospace
    • Automotive
    • Job and machine shops
    • Food processing
    • Industrial cleaning
    • Food
    • Art and Architecture
    • Paper

    As the technology behind the water jet continues to expand, so too will the uses and applications that it can be used to help support.

    Future of Flow International Cooperation

    As the company continues to innovate technologically, they also continue to grow in their reach and locations. The company has been headquartered in Kent, Washington, but has grown exponentially. Flow’s reach has gone international, with offices in China, Japan, France, Taiwan, Italy, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Within the United States, Flow maintains offices in Washington and Indiana.

    Product Lines

    Flow Waterjets

    • Flow IFB 4800 Waterjet
    • Flow Integrated Flying Bridge Waterjet
    • Flow IFB 6012 Waterjet
    • Flow Bengal Waterjet
    • Flow WMC6012 Waterjet
    • Flow WMC4800 Waterjet

    Flow Mach 2 Series

    Flow Mach 2b Waterjet Models

    • Flow 1005b Waterjet
    • Flow 1313b Waterjet
    • Flow 2031b Waterjet
    • Flow 4020b Waterjet

    Flow Mach 2c Waterjet Models

    • Flow 2020c Waterjet
    • Flow 2030c Waterjet
    • Flow 2040c Waterjet

    Flow Mach 3 SeriesFlow

    Mach 3b Waterjet Models

    • Flow 1313b Waterjet
    • Flow 2513b Waterjet
    • Flow 3020b Waterjet
    • Flow 4020b Waterjet
    • Flow 7320b Waterjet

    Flow Mach 4 Series
    Flow Mach 4b Waterjet Models

    • Flow 1313b Waterjet
    • Flow 2513b Waterjet
    • Flow 3020b Waterjet
    • Flow 4020b Waterjet
    • Flow 7320b Waterjet

    Flow Mach 4c Waterjet Models
    Flow Mach 4 AF Series
    Flow Mach 4 AF Waterjet Models
    Flow Dynamic Cutting Head
    Flow Dynamic Waterjet
    Flow Dynamic Waterjet XD

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