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    In 2013 a Paris company, Fives Group acquired Giddings and Lewis.

    Giddings and Lewis had a very long history before the purchase going all the way back to the mid-1800s. Starting out in the mid-1800s some of their products were used in the lumber and agricultural industries, steam engines, casting of lamp posts, catch basins, and a variety of other items.

    In 1910 they also added; hydraulically-operated shapers, small planers, and six-spindle vertical turret lathes.

    Some of Giddings and Lewis major product lines included:

    • Automated assembly procedures
    • Manufacturing measurement and control systems
    • Programmable industrial processors
    • High-precision automated machine tools
    • Flexible inspection routines

    Newest lines of machines

    Since Fives Groups acquired Giddings and Lewis the latest machines have been:

    • Rotary Table Horizontal Boring Mill – multi-axis contour milling, precision boring, drilling, and tapping
    • Horizontal Boring Mills – devised with cross-ribbed pillars and steel run strips to help resist rebound and reduce vibration.
    • Horizontal Machining Center – available with multiple pallet storage systems
    • Vertical Turning Center – adds capacity, technology improvements, a flexible tooling system, and choice of controls.
    • Horizontal broaching machine – specially made to broach discs and turbine blades.
    • CNC commanded saw –has tilt back or upright cut from the bloc basis
    • Fiber Placement systems – are made for deftness and suppleness for manufacturing of wrinkle free lay up of convex and concave parts.
    • Tape Layer systems
    • Controls & Software – powerful tool set that is used to prove part plans and maximize machine execution.
    • Drilling – Portable device and Gantry Systems
    • Laser Applications – Laser Welding Cells, Laser Welding Lines, 3D-Laser Cutting, 5-Axis Laser Centers
    • Milling – drilling of aluminum to heavy-duty boring and milling of hard metals
    • Turning – has the volume, ability, and precision to conduct the most challenging machine requirements. The optional multifunctional capabilities of live spindles, side heads, and pallet shuttles provide flexibility and decrease setup and cycle times.

    There are plenty of relevant fields that use these types of machines including aerospace, Ag, automotive, mining, oil and gas, power generation, construction, and the wind to name a few.

    Each of the latest machines is designed to make easier work of milling, turning, sawing, drilling, and laser applications with the same high standards as all the other Giddings and Lewis machines of the past.

    Going forward

    Fives continues to produce Giddings and Lewis machines and will be there for their patrons from; planning, production, setting up, commissioning and customer technical support for the machine’s life span, so you know that the machines you buy will hold their value and be dependable. It means if you choose to sell your machine to another party that they will be getting a good value.

    Fives also is committed to delivering energy-efficient merchandises and technologies with a low environmental influence to its patrons.

    The Giddings and Lewis reputation for over 100 years has been excellent, and now that Fives has bought them it will continue with excellence and service for years to come in almost 30 different countries worldwide.

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