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    Who is Hurco?

    In 1968, Gerald Roch and Edward Humston knew that the link between people and technology was not going to go away. In fact, it would only get stronger. Knowing that they created Hurco, a company who was going to help shape the way that we see our relationship with computers. They would help to create products that would make us more productive, and give us time to focus on the truly important work, leaving the tedious work to computers. In this process, they have to perfect innovative software and CNC controls for use in various industries.

    What Do They Do?

    Hurco is in focus of creating technology and machine parts that are going to remove the need for humans to focus on tedious, time-consuming tasks that do not add to the overall quality of products. They have combined the knowledge of the most experienced engineers with the practicality of the manufacturing world to produce the best products. No matter what type of market you are in as of this time, you are going to need the features of CNC technology and products to save you time, energy, resources, and money.

    Favorite Products

    There are many large and spanning products that Hurco. There are four broad categories from which many of their products span, those categories being 5-axis, conversational, NC, and operational. Each of these categories is going to be useful for different applications. You will also have access to varying products according to each of these categories. If you purchase directly from Hurco, they can help you find the right product for your needs. However, when buying from Machine Resources International, you can locate the information that you need to find the best piece of equipment and technology for your needs and your company.

    Machine Resources International

    Machinery Resources International is one of the world’s leading resellers of machinery parts, especially CNC parts. To gain this respect and trust from our customers, we believe that it is our duty to provide for our clients the best information and background histories on the companies and brands from which we sell. We do not want you to make a decision about making important technology and machinery parts purchases without knowing the full scope of that decision. We also provide a good list for all customers to review when making decisions.

    Guide to Hurco

    CNC Lathes (2-Axis & Multi-axis)

    • Hurco TMX8
    • Hurco TMX10
    • Hurco TMX10MY
    • Hurco TMX8MYS
    • Hurco TM6
    • Hurco TM8
    • Hurco TM10
    • Hurco TM18L
    • Hurco TMM8
    • Hurco TMM10

    CNC Vertical Machining Center

    • Hurco VMX24
    • Hurco VMX30
    • Hurco VMX42
    • Hurco VMX50
    • Hurco VMX60
    • Hurco VMX64
    • Hurco VMX84
    • Hurco VM10
    • Hurco VM20
    • Hurco VM30
    • Hurco VM10G
    • Hurco VM10P
    • Hurco DCX22
    • Hurco DCX32
    • Hurco SLV40
    • Hurco BMC10
    • Hurco BMC30
    • Hurco BMC20
    • Hurco BMC30HTM
    • Hurco BMC4020HTM
    • Hurco BMC30SSM
    • Hurco VM1
    • Hurco VM3

    CNC Horizontal Machining Center

    • Hurco HTX500

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