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    Who is Hyundai-Kia?

    Hyundai-Kia is one of Europe’s most famous and well-known machine and technology brands. They have helped to make the technology and CNC market as profitable as it is, and has shaped the way that we view the power of technology and machines. They have expanded much farther than Europe alone, but have grown into countries all around the world, most notably in the United States. With this expansion, they also gain access to a broader range of talent from all around the world, a skill which when they collaborate will create fantastic new technological products. For anyone looking to improve their automation processes, this is the company to check out.

    What Do They Make?

    The world has become dominated by machines, automation, and technology. Companies which can help assist in that process are some of the most sought after businesses in the world. Better yet, firms that can take our current technological status and expand upon it, and innovate it, are even better. Hyundai-Kia most definitely operates within the latter, using CNC lathes, vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, and multi-axis CNC machining centers to not only expand the technology sector of the economy but to assist other industries in their growth. There are few if any, industries which could not benefit from the technological innovations, discoveries, and products from Hyundai-Kia.

    Machine International Resources

    Machinery Resources International is one of the world’s leading resellers of machinery parts, especially CNC parts. To gain this respect and trust from our customers, we believe that it is our duty to provide for our clients the best information and background histories on the companies and brands from which we sell. We do not want you to make a decision about making high technology and machinery parts purchases without knowing the full scope of that decision. We also provide a complete list for all customers to review when making decisions.

    Guide to Hyundai-Kia Products and Models


    • Hyundai-Kia KIT250
    • Hyundai-Kia KIT400
    • Hyundai-Kia KIT60G
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT160A
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT160LA
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT100
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT100M
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT200
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT15
    • Hyundai-Kia SKTLMS
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT21
    • Hyundai-Kia SKTLMS
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT28
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT28LM
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT250
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT250LMS
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT300
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT300LM
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT400
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT400LMC
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT700
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT700LM
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT150SY
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT210Y
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT210SY
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT250Y
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT250SY
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT160
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT180
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT2500
    • Hyundai-Kia SKTF160-2SPM
    • Hyundai-Kia SKT21VM


    • Hyundai-Kia VX380T
    • Hyundai-Kia VX600
    • Hyundai-Kia MX380
    • Hyundai-Kia MX420
    • Hyundai-Kia VX400
    • Hyundai-Kia VX500
    • Hyundai-Kia VX650
    • Hyundai-Kia KV45
    • Hyundai-Kia KV60
    • Hyundai-Kia KV90
    • Hyundai-Kia VX510M
    • Hyundai-Kia VX660
    • Hyundai-Kia VX700
    • Hyundai-Kia HI-V450M
    • Hyundai-Kia HI-V560M


    • Hyundai-Kia KH40G
    • Hyundai-Kia KH50G
    • Hyundai-Kia KH63G
    • Hyundai-Kia KH630
    • Hyundai-Kia KH60G
    • Hyundai-Kia KH1000
    • Hyundai-Kia HS300
    • Hyundai-Kia HS400
    • Hyundai-Kia HS500
    • Hyundai-Kia HS630
    • Hyundai-Kia HS800

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