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    Mazak is known to be one of the leaders in providing advanced technology solutions. They are aware that there is a lot of competition going on. A lot of companies also produce the same things that they are providing for their customers but what sets them apart from all the others is their primary goal.

    They know that there is a clear need for increased efficiency and quality in the production of various devices and the tools with the use of the machines. If the cycle would end, a company will not be successful. It explains why they are always on the lookout for the latest advancements in technology. They make sure that other businesses will consider their machines as necessary and reliable partners that they can use for their business.

    Mazak currently has North American Headquarters that makes them easier to reach by their North American partners. The location of their manufacturing company is in Florence, Kentucky. Mazak’s decades of providing quality machines have not gone by unnoticed. They are rated as one of the most active companies in providing quality and productive systems and machine tools.

    They are proud of their advanced technology solutions such as the following:

    • Multi – Tasking
    • HYBRID Multi – Tasking
    • Turning
    • CNC Controls and Automation
    • 5 – Axis

    If you are searching for Mazak tools and machines used, but you do not know where to start, consider purchasing from Machinery Resources International. This company has been serving people for over seven decades. The number of years that they have provided services make them one of the most trusted and biggest resellers in the world.

    They are concerned about you and the rest of their customers. As much as possible, they will guide you in creating informed decisions. They provide brief descriptions of the products that they are selling. The description will be enough to let you know the history of the product. At the same time, it will help you decide if the product is right for you or not.

    For a look at the various models that Mazak has created and produced over the years, take a look at the list below:

    CNC Lathes (2-Axis)

    • Mazak QT-6G
    • Mazak QT-6T
    • Mazak Nanoturn
    • Mazak QT-8
    • Mazak QT-10
    • Mazak QT-15N
    • Mazak QT-20
    • Mazak QT-20HP
    • Mazak QT-30
    • Mazak QT-40
    • Mazak Nexus 100
    • Mazak Nexus 150
    • Mazak Nexus 200
    • Mazak Nexus 250
    • Mazak Nexus 300
    • Mazak Nexus 350
    • Mazak Nexus 400
    • Mazak Nexus 450
    • Mazak Quick Turn Smart 200
    • Mazak Quick Turn Smart 300
    • Mazak Quick Turn Smart 350
    • Mazak Slant Turn 50
    • Mazak Slant Turn 60
    • Mazak Slant Turn 450
    • Mazak Slant Turn 500
    • Mazak Slant Turn 550M

    CNC Lathes (3-Axis or More) (Single or Multi Spindle)

    • Mazak SQT10MS
    • Mazak SQT15MSY
    • Mazak SQT28MS
    • Mazak SQT30MS
    • Mazak SQT200MSY
    • Mazak SQT250MSY
    • Mazak Nexus 100MSY
    • Mazak Nexus 200MSY
    • Mazak Nexus 250MSY
    • Mazak Nexus 300M
    • Mazak Nexus 400M
    • Mazak Nexus 450M
    • Mazak Integrex 30Y
    • Mazak Integrex 35Y
    • Mazak Integrex 50Y
    • Mazak Integrex 60Y
    • Mazak Integrex 100SY
    • Mazak Integrex 200SY
    • Mazak Integrex 300SY
    • Mazak Integrex 400SY
    • Mazak Integrex i150
    • Mazak Integrex e-420H
    • Mazak Integrex e-500HS
    • Mazak Integrex e-650HS
    • Mazak Integrex e-800V
    • Mazak Integrex e-1060V
    • Mazak Integrex e-1850v
    • Mazak Integrex e-Ramtec V8
    • Mazak Integrex e-Ramtec V10
    • Mazak Super Quadrex 200M
    • Mazak Super Quadrex 250M
    • Mazak Hyper Quardrex 100MSY
    • Mazak Hyper Quardrex 150MSY
    • Mazak Hyper Quardrex 200MSY
    • Mazak Hyper Quardrex 450M
    • Mazak Cybertech Turn 4500MT
    • Mazak Cybertech Turn 5500MT
    • Mazak Multiplex 6100Y
    • Mazak Multiplex 6200Y
    • Mazak Multiplex 6250Y
    • Mazak Multiplex 6300Y
    • Mazak Multiplex 8200Y
    • Mazak Dualturn 20

    CNC Flat-Bed Lathes

    • Mazak M-4N
    • Mazak M-5N
    • Mazak Power Master N Chucker
    • Mazak Power Master N Universal

    Mazak Vertical Machining Centers

    • Mazak VTC-41
    • Mazak VTC-16A
    • Mazak VTC-16C
    • Mazak VTC-20B
    • Mazak VTC-20C
    • Mazak VTC-20G
    • Mazak VTC-30C
    • Mazak VTC-200B
    • Mazak VTC-200C
    • Mazak VTC-250B
    • Mazak VTC-250D/50
    • Mazak VTC-300C
    • Mazak Nexus 410A
    • Mazak Nexus 410B
    • Mazak Nexus 510B
    • Mazak Nexus 510C
    • Mazak Nexus 530C
    • Mazak Nexus 700D
    • Mazak Nexus 700D
    • Mazak V414
    • Mazak V515
    • Mazak V655
    • Mazak V815
    • Mazak V60
    • Mazak V80
    • Mazak V100
    • Mazak V140N
    • Mazak SVC-200
    • Mazak SVC-2000
    • Mazak SMM-200
    • Mazak SMM-250
    • Mazak Vortex 815
    • Mazak Vortex 1400
    • Mazak Vortex 1060V8
    • Mazak FJV-20
    • Mazak FJV-25
    • Mazak FJV-200
    • Mazak FJV-250
    • Mazak FJV-35
    • Mazak FJV-50
    • Mazak FJV-60
    • Mazak Hypersonic 1400L

    Mazak Horizontal Machining Centers

    • Mazak H400N
    • Mazak H630N
    • Mazak H800
    • Mazak H1000
    • Mazak FH480
    • Mazak FH4800
    • Mazak FH580
    • Mazak FH5800
    • Mazak FH680
    • Mazak FH6800
    • Mazak FH880
    • Mazak FH8800
    • Mazak FH1000
    • Mazak FH10800
    • Mazak FH12800

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