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    You may be more familiar with Mitsubishi being a brand for cars, but actually, Mitsubishi Materials is an entirely different line. The company is not just a tool and machine manufacturer, and they are a company that makes sure that their customers are happy with what they can provide.

    MHI has been around for an extended period. They have started in the year 1884 at the acquisition of Nagazaki Shipyard. The updated name of the company was Nagazaki Shipyard and Machinery Works. The company had their focus on ship building. As the company grew, it began venturing into different industries. It was in the year 1934 when the company became one of the biggest businesses in Japan. They also change the name of the company to Mitsubishi Ship Building Co., Ltd.

    They are aware of the ever-changing needs and challenges of their customers. They do their best to keep their consumers happy by researching and looking for advanced technologies they can use to improve their craft further. They have the full dedication to crafting new tools that will prove to be useful for everyone in need.

    They believe that for the world to become more successful, various companies should help each other. They aim to help businesses flourish through their quality tools and machines that can be trusted by different companies.

    Mitsubishi makes sure that you experience the following through the things they offer:

    • The best and newest technology trends
    • Unmatched product innovation
    • State of the art products
    • 24/7 solutions available anytime, anywhere

    Based on the apparent desire for Mitsubishi to provide the items that you need to become successful, you may want to check used Mitsubishi machines and tools from Machine Resources International. This company has over 70 years of combined experience in reselling instruments and devices that you may need for your business.

    They have always stressed the importance of providing the information required by their customers so that the clients will have no problems with making the best decisions. Expect that you will get a brief history of the product that you want to check out.

    Are you curious to have some knowledge about the different models that Mitsubishi has released over the years? Take a look at the listing below to see the models.

    Mitsubishi Laser

    • Mitsubishi ex-series
    • Mitsubishi 3015 ex
    • Mitsubishi nx series
    • Mitsubishi ml3015nx
    • Mitsubishi ml4020nx
    • Mitsubishi hvii series
    • Mitsubishi 2512hvii
    • Mitsubishi 3015 hvii
    • Mitsubishi 5 axis laser
    • Mitsubishi vz series
    • Mitsubishi 1515vz10
    • Mitsubishi 3122 vz10
    • Mitsubishi 1515vz20
    • Mitsubishi 3122 vz20
    • Mitsubishi lzp3015
    • Mitsubishi lzp2512
    • Mitsubishi lvp3015
    • Mitsubishi lvp4020
    • Mitsubishi lvp3718
    • Mitsubishi lvplus 3105
    • Mitsubishi lvplus 3718
    • Mitsubishi lvplus 4020
    • Mitsubishi ml3015lxp
    • Mitsubishi ml3015hdii
    • Mitsubishi ml3015hd
    • Mitsubishi ml2512 hdii
    • Mitsubishi ml2512 hd
    • Mitsubishi ml2512 hc
    • Mitsubishi ml3510 hc
    • Mitsubishi ml3015 lxp
    • Mitsubishi ml2512 lxp
    • Mitsubishi ml1212 hc
    • Mitsubishi ml1212 hd

    Mitsubishi automation

    • Mitsubishi msciii

    If you have other questions about the different models available or you would like to purchase a used model, do not hesitate to contact Machine Resources International. They will be more than willing to answer your questions and further inquiries.

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