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    Machinery Resources International proudly offers for resale the highest quality of used machines from the leading brands worldwide. MRI, headquartered in Los Angeles since 1995, maintains an extensive inventory of used machinery in warehouses across the United States. The experienced leaders of MRI have put together a list of only the best in product lines, including such well-known brands as Miyano.

    Miyano Machinery originated in Japan in 1925 and grew with its reputation for excellent precision machining equipment. Miyano began with such innovations as spark wheels for cigarette lighters. In 1948, Miyano produced the AL-S25 which was the first cam-type automatic lathe in Japan. In 1987, Miyano Machinery established its manufacturing plant and headquarters in Wood Dale, Illinois. The Miyano Machinery merged with Citizen Machining in 2011. This company produces automatic lathes, multi-spindle lathes, hydraulically operated lathes, automatic chuckers, drill/tapping machines, and turning axis. Miyano Machinery has distributors in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.

    The Miyano product line includes CNC Drilling and Tapping Machines, Five-Axis Vertical Spindle Machining Centers, Screw Machine types, CNC Turn/Mill Machines, Horizontal CNC Turning Centers and also Twin-Spindle/Twin-Turret Turning Centers. All models of Miyano production lathes are sought after for their accuracy, durability, and rigidity. They have such features as hand-scraped slideways, a platform style construction of the machine bed, and high rigidity spindles. Only highly experienced workers assemble the bearings of a Miyano lathe, and all bearings must meet a strict 24-hour quality testing. This strict adherence to the fundamentals of sound design and manufacture set Miyano apart from its competitors. Miyano for over 75 years has earned its reputation for precision machinery that is accurate, durable, and easy to maintain. Owners of a Miyano product have a precision machine built to last. You can find the complete description and guide to the features of the Miyano precision machining equipment at http://www.citizenmachines.com/PDFs/Why_Miyano.pdf

    Below is a list of the models that Miyano has introduced throughout the years:

    • ABX-42
    • ABX-51
    • BNC-125
    • BNC-34C
    • BNC-34T
    • BNC-42C
    • BND-34C
    • BND-34S
    • BND-34T
    • BND-42
    • BND-42TR
    • BND-51
    • BNE-34S
    • BNE-51S
    • BNE-51SY
    • BNJ-42SYZ
    • JNC-45C
    • JNC-45S
    • JNC-45T
    • LP-21
    • LZ-01R

    Customers interested in purchasing any of the above models may contact one of our experienced staff for further information. Machinery Resources, also, purchase used Miyano and other brand machines and can provide the expert valuation of any holdings.

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