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    When you are looking for a quality horizontal or vertical machine tools, what company comes to mind? OKK has long been known for their achievements for horizontal and vertical machine tools. People acknowledged them for their reliability and precision in all of their equipment. OKK’s dedication to quality control is unsurpassed, and they achieve this by making all their essential parts in house.

    OKK has been in business since 1915 and in that time have grown to include many models. One of the missions OKK strives for is reliability. There is nothing worse than having a machine constantly that needs repairs, and OKK acknowledges this and works to make each unit surpass customers’ needs. If you are looking for a less frustrating machine that won’t leave you with several hours of downtime, choose an OKK for five-axis, horizontal and vertical machine tools. They have provided several horizontal machining centers to auto manufacturers in the US, and have even sold units to Samsung. Horizontal and Vertical machining centers are the heart of what OKK does and have made them durable and precise.

    Machinery Resources International is a proud supplier of used OKK equipment. While having a brief history can help you make an informed decision when purchasing machine tools, it is also great to take a look at the models OKK has produced over time. It will give you a whole picture of what the company is all about.

    CNC Vertical Machining Center

    • OKK VP400
    • OKK VP5002APC
    • OKK VP600
    • OKK VP9000
    • OKK VP1200
    • OKK VP2200
    • OKK VM4III
    • OKK VM5III
    • OKK VM600
    • OKK VM900
    • OKK MCV560DS
    • OKK MCV1260
    • OKK KCV800
    • OKK KCV1000
    • OKK VB53
    • OKK VC-X350
    • OKK VP6005AX
    • OKK VP90005AX
    • OKK VG5000
    • OKK KCV800-5AX
    • OKK KCV1000-5AX
    • OKK MCV560DS-5AX
    • OKK VM900DS-5AX
    • OKK MCV30
    • OKK MCV300
    • OKK MCV500
    • OKK MCV630
    • OKK MCV650
    • OKK PCV40II
    • OKK VM5
    • OKK VM5II

    CNC Horizontal Machining Center

    • OKK HM500S/40
    • OKK HM500S/50
    • OKK HM600
    • OKK HM800S
    • OKK HM1000S
    • OKK HM1250S
    • OKK HM1600
    • OKK MCH600

    For the finest used machine equipment on the market, choose Machinery Resources International. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we will go the extra mile to make sure you have the exact machine you are looking for as of this time. In-house appraisers are available as well to give you evaluation after purchases. They are certified and is a great feature to have in addition to your equipment. We have been in business for over 20 and is the number one reseller of machine equipment.

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