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    Educating our customers on the company’s and machines history is what we, at Machinery Resources International, find is vital. To make an informed decision we feel having a somewhat detail history and the list of products a company has produced is a great tool. Machinery Resources International is one of the world’s largest retailers of machinery equipment. MRI serves the manufacturing industry by providing the highest quality pre-owned equipment in the marketplace today.

    Specializing in CNC and milling equipment most units are available to be seen under power, so you have the peace of mind the machines are fully operational. We have a trained staff on hand to have evaluations and appraisals performed. Once done, there will then be a certification from amea and Asa appraisers.

    One of the top products of the highest quality CNC machines is Okuma. Okuma specializes in the following machines:

    • CNC Lathes
    • CNC Vertical Machining Centers
    • CNC Horizontal Machining Centers

    They are not only limited to these devices, but Okuma also has an assortment of CNC machines reaching from 2-axis lathes to multi-axis CNC lathes to multi-axis CNC machining centers.

    Okuma’s beginning

    Established in 1898, Okuma was founded by Eiichi Okuma. Early on, Okuma first produced noodle machines that would evolve into cigarette rolling machines. It got the ball rolling for Okuma to start building CNC machines tools early on in the 1900’s. It wasn’t until 1984 that Okuma grew from its Japanese beginnings to expand to the U.S., creating Okuma Corporation Okuma America. Over time, they had been making a name for themselves in the CNC world by leading the way in technology and innovations within the field. Okuma has been the pinnacle of reliability and efficiency in all of these machines produced.

    Okuma’s Present

    They are a proud member of the Partners in THINC, which is a group of 40 members, who are the world’s leaders in CNC manufacturing. This group comes together to solve problems and explore creative ways to achieve greater production in reality today. Of course, only acknowledging present accomplishments will not give the full picture. With an excellent background in the CNC world, let’s take a look at what great contributions Okuma has made to the field, by looking at their past models.


    • Okuma LB10
    • Okuma Crown-E
    • Okuma Crown L1420
    • Okuma Space Turn LB300
    • Okuma Space Turn LB400
    • Okuma LB400
    • Okuma LB2000EX
    • Okuma LB2500EX
    • Okuma LB3000EX
    • Okuma LB4000EX
    • Okuma LB35II
    • Okuma LB45II
    • Okuma LU15
    • Okuma LU25
    • Okuma LC50
    • Okuma LC20
    • Okuma LC30
    • Okuma LCC15H
    • Okuma LCC15-2S
    • Okuma LT15
    • Okuma LT10
    • Okuma LAW1S/2S
    • Okuma LU300
    • Okuma LU45
    • Okuma LU35
    • Okuma LT-2000EX
    • Macturn250
    • Macturn350
    • Macturn550
    • Okuma V40R
    • Okuma V60R
    • Okuma V80R
    • Okuma V100R
    • Okuma VTC-65


    • Okuma LH-35N
    • Okuma LH55-N


    • Okuma Cadet-Mate
    • Okuma MX-45VAE
    • Okuma MC40A
    • Okuma MC-50VA
    • Okuma MC-60VA
    • Okuma MC-60VAE
    • Okuma MX-45VB
    • Okuma MX-55A/B
    • Okuma MC-40VA
    • Okuma MC-40VB
    • Okuma MC-V4020
    • Okuma MB-46V
    • Okuma MB-56V
    • Okuma MB-66V
    • Okuma MU-400V
    • Okuma MU-500V
    • Okuma MA-550V
    • Okuma MA-650V
    • Okuma Millac-44V
    • Okuma Millac-761V
    • Okuma Millac-852V


    • Okuma MA-400HA
    • Okuma MC-500H
    • Okuma MC-600H
    • Okuma MA-400H
    • Okuma MA-500H
    • Okuma MA-600H
    • Okuma MA-800H
    • Okuma MB-4000H
    • Okuma MB-5000H
    • Okuma MB-8000H
    • Okuma Millac-44H
    • Okuma MILLAC-800VH
    • Okuma MILLAC-1000VH
    • Okuma MX-40HA
    • Okuma MX-50HB
    • Okuma MX-60HB
    • Okuma MC-800H

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