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    Machines Resources International has been the leader in supplying high quality used machinery. We are a reseller of the highest quality used high-value CNC & conventional milling and turning, metal fabricating machinery, CNC lasers, Blanchard grinders and harder to find motor types. Most of the machinery that is for sale is available to be seen under power, so you, the customer, has that measurement you are purchasing great quality equipment. Machines Resources International has many brands and their equipment available to buy and is excited to have these tools and equipment for reasonable prices.

    MRI is proud to be a supplier of used Omax abrasive water jet systems and provides only the highest quality in many different models.

    About OMAX

    OMAX has the full commitment producing precision abrasive water jet systems. From their early beginnings, back in 1993, they first introduced Jet MachiningĀ® Center Model 2448. This model was perfect the everyday machine shops. One of the biggest contributions OMAX developed was the first PC Controller to use in conjunction with abrasive jet machining that had a built-in abrasive jet expert system. Over the years OMAX has fine-tuned their water jet machines to make them one of the most versatile tools available to machine shops.

    Their commitment to ongoing research has improved the field and made it possible for just about anyone to use their instruments to create 3d parts. Their goal is to provide customers with easy to use, reliable, and cost-effective systems for the manufacturing industry. One of the most enticing addicts of their machines are the updates. Your machine will never be obsolete because OMAX continually has hardware and software upgrades. It is a welcome relief too many owners of an abrasive jet machine, knowing they won’t have to restore them in a few years to get newer technological updates.

    After years of contributing to the research and development in this area of machinery, they have also gained recognition three times for being the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies, and are in 150 educational institutions In 2004 OMAX installed its 1000 machine making this a great milestone.

    When you purchase machines, tools, and equipment from MRI, you will also have the benefit of in-house appraisers available for .valuation and appraisals. This feature makes it easier for our buyers not to have to go anywhere else. It makes the process simpler to get your machine from us to you.

    Machines Resources International, feels that understanding the history of a company and the models they have produced, is going to provide an excellent knowledge of what the company has been capable of for all the years. Since 1993, OMAX has contributed several models to the industry and will continue to lead the way on innovations. Below is a list of the models they have produced throughout their span of over two decades.

    Omax Cantilever Models

    • Omax 2626
    • Omax 2626 XP
    • Omax 2652
    • Omax 5555
    • Omax 55100

    Omax Bridge Models

    • Omax 60120
    • Omax 80160

    Omax Extended Bridge Models

    • Omax 80X Series
    • Omax 120X Series
    • Omax 160X Series

    Omax Mobile Units

    • Omax 2626
    • Oamx 2652

    Omax Tilt-A-Jet


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