14 Jul

The Machinery Resources Int. Standard Seal of Approval

We follow the most stringent standards when it comes to selling high value, used machinery. ‘The MRI Standard’ ensures ethical representation of our machines as top priority.

We take pride in providing hard-working business owners with used machinery that is dependable, which is why we do our due diligence when re-selling any piece of machinery. Since we carry a wide range of brands and different types of machinery, we felt it necessary to develop our own, signature system of criteria before any sale.

MRI understands that purchasing a high-end, used piece of machinery is a long-term investment. With respect to our industry, we took the Code of Ethics from the Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA), and we brought quality control to the next level with our signature, MRI Standard seal of approval.

With the MRI Standard seal of approval, we’ve made every effort to bring you machinery that is resilient and yields countless years of production, paying for itself many times over. The MRI Standard represents conducting business ethically, by accurately representing current condition of the machine and disclosing any known current or past issues with the machine.

The following criteria make up The MRI Standard seal of approval, which is referenced on our homepage:

         Buyer Assurance: Ethical and accurate representation of used machinery quality.
         Dealer Reliability: Thorough inspection and testing of every machine on an individual basis prior to sale.
         Buyer’s Market: Price of machine remains competitive within current industry trends.
         Customer Protection: MRI advises customer per criteria of The MRI Standard when buying through a brokerage arrangement.

With The MRI Standard in place, putting our customers first allows Machinery Resources to meet and exceed client expectations. With a customer-first mentality, B2B customers can purchase used machinery with confidence. Have questions about buying or selling used equipment? Contact Machinery Resources.