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    Have you been looking to purchase a used laser cutting machine? Machinery Resources International is the largest reseller of laser cutting machines worldwide and internationally. We supply an extensive selection of Trumpf products at a reasonable price. The competition can’t match our inventory, and we offer reasonable pricing on all of our used inventory of machines. Laser cutting machines have evolved a long way over the years, and with the technological advances, they have become more precise and able to do much more for you than they used to. Machinery Resources International feels the more a consumer knows about the company for which they are interested in purchasing products, the better able they are to make an informed purchasing decision.

    Trumpf is known for their work in the laser cutting field, and its contributions to the technology of growing the field. Originally founded in 1923, the early beginning for Trumpf was as a mechanical workshop. From the start, they were already producing tools for the machinery trade such as the handheld cutting tools for sheet metal processing. It was only the beginning for Trumpf in their pursuit to harness the power of lasers and to create the machines used in many shops today. In 1985, Trumpf became a laser manufacturer and started producing a C02 laser. It was just the start to what Trumpf was going to produce, and it lent itself well to all the machines they have made which use laser cutting technology.

    With many models spanning over the course of almost nine decades, it’s clear that Trumpf has been fine tuning their cutting machines and making the best quality available on the market today. Take a look at the designs they have produced over the years, and it is evident to see why their equipment would make an excellent investment in your shop.

    2D Laser Cutting

    • Trumpf TruLaser Series 1000
    • Trumpf TruLaser 1030
    • Trumpf TruLsaser 1030 Fiber
    • Trumpf TruLaser Series 2000
    • Trumpf TruLaser 2025 / 2030
    • Trumpf TruLaser 2525
    • Trumpf TruLaser Series 3000
    • Trumpf TruLaser 3030 (L20)
    • Trumpf TruLaser 3030
    • Trumpf TruLaser 3040
    • Trumpf TruLaser 3060
    • Trumpf TruLaser Series 5000
    • Trumpf TruLaser 5030 Fiber
    • trumpf TruLaser 5030
    • Trumpf TruLaser 5040
    • Trumpf TruLaser 5060
    • Trumpf TruLaser 8000
    • Trumpf L2503
    • Trumpf LaserCat
    • Trumpf L2503E
    • Trumpf L2510
    • Trumpf L2530
    • Trumpf L3030
    • Trumpf L3050
    • Trumpf 6000 Watt
    • Trumpf L6030

    Automation Of Laser Cutting Systems

    • Trumpf LoadMaster
    • Trumpf LiftMaster
    • Trumpf LiftMaster Sort
    • Trumpf LiftMaster Store Linear
    • Trumpf SortMaster

    Laser Tube Cutting

    • Trumpf TruLaser Tube 5000
    • Trumpf Trulaser Tube 7000
    • Punching Technology
    • Trumpf TruPunch 1000
    • Trumpf TruPunch 3000
    • Trumpf TruPunch 5000
    • Trumpf TC240R
    • Trumpf TC260R
    • Trumpf TC200R
    • Trumpf TC500R
    • Trumpf TC500R/1300
    • Trumpf TC 500R/1600
    • Trumpf TC2000R
    • Trumpf TC1000R
    • Trumpf TC2010R

    Punch Laser Processing

    • Trumpf TruMatic 6000
    • Trumpf TruMatic 7000

    Bending Press Brakes

    • Trumpf TruBend Series 3000
    • Trumpf TruBend Series 5000
    • Trumpr TruBend Series 7000
    • Trumpf TruBend 3066
    • Trumpf TruBend 3120
    • Trumpf TruBend 3180
    • Trumpf TruBend 5050
    • Trumpf TruBend 5085
    • Trumpf TruBend 5130
    • Trumpf TruBend 5170
    • Trumpf TruBend 5230
    • Trumpf TruBend 5320
    • Trumpf TruBend 7018
    • Trumpf TruBend 7036
    • Trumpf C60
    • Trumpf C110
    • Trumpf C120
    • Trumpf V50
    • Trumpf V85
    • Trumpf V130
    • Trumpf V170
    • Trumpf V200
    • Trumpf V320
    • Trumpf Delem
    • Trumpf TASC
    • Trumpf V500
    • Trumpf V850
    • Trumpf V1300
    • Trumpf V1700
    • Trumpf V3200

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