11 May

Trust is the Keystone of Machine Retailer Industry

Harvey Firestone once said, “I believe fundamental honesty is the keystone of business.

Firestone’s assessment is especially true in the machine retailer industry. When a customer is looking to purchase pre-owned machinery, finding a trustworthy machine retailer with a good reputation is imperative. Fundamental honesty ensures that the client is satisfied with their purchase and the business transaction is successful.

When purchasing equipment brand new, warranties and guarantees are both implied by the brand’s reputation and contracted into the sale. Customers trust the performance and quality of the brand new machine as represented without hesitation.

Machine Retailer

But what happens when a company wants to purchase machinery that is pre-owned? What assurances do they have that the product will perform? How do they assess the quality of the pre-owned machine?

Specializing in late model CNC equipment including Milling and Turning Centers, Fabrication Equipment, Swiss-type lathes, and EDMs – Machinery Resources has built a trusted business with a reputation for helping companies acquire quality machinery affordably.

“I believe that trust is the cornerstone between any business and their customers but much more so in the preowned business, as there is no product line to improve,” says Alan Gottlieb, owner of Machinery Resources International.

Companies can count on fair representation when purchasing pre-owned equipment through Machinery Resources.

“In the re-selling of equipment the promises made and the fair representations of the assets sold, are the only way the customer can be protected. That is why it is so important to deal with a reputable company in the industrial resell business,” explains Gottlieb.

What makes Machinery Resources International stand out from the pack?

I have built the company on reputation, and doing our homework on behalf of our customers. Whether it is maximizing the ROI for our sellers, or finding the right machine tool for our buyer’s production needs, we take an approach that fits the customer’s timeline and specific requirements. We always put the customer first,” says Gottlieb.

Have questions about selling your used equipment? Contact Machinery Resources.