2007 JOHNFORD LC-60160G-CF
    26 Jul

    Moving Machinery with MRI – Watch Machinery Resources Making Moves

    Making Moves with MRI Moving machinery is never an easy task – especially when the machinery is almost the size of a truck! At Machinery Resources International, we have...

    17 Jul

    What is a CNC Plasma Cutter?

    A plasma cutting torch is a tool most commonly used for cutting metals. While purposes vary, the hand-held plasma torch is ideal for cutting quickly through metal plates, bolts,...

    15 Jul

    What is an Engine Lathe?

    An engine lathe is a type of machinery, shaped horizontally, and it is often used to cut metal. The metal is turned, and the machine uses special cutting tools...

    14 Jul

    The Machinery Resources Int. Standard Seal of Approval

    We follow the most stringent standards when it comes to selling high value, used machinery. ‘The MRI Standard’ ensures ethical representation of our machines as top priority.    ...

    Buying Pre-Owned is New Again shutterstock_427807483 2
    19 Jun

    Buying Pre-Owned is New Again

    There is a famous saying that everything old is new again. In the world of shopping pre-owned, upcycling, recycling, and growing a business operating within tight margins, this saying...

    Machinery Resources shutterstock_422528992 2
    15 Jun

    Customer First Mentality Prevails in B2B

    No matter what you are shopping for, finding a seller that puts the customer’s needs before their own is important.  However, customer first mentality is particularly important in business...

    22 May

    3 Things to Research When Choosing a Machine Retailer

    If you’re looking for machine retailer, it’s important to do your research. Clients who fail to do their homework may end up buying a machine that never shows up....

    11 May

    Trust is the Keystone of Machine Retailer Industry

    Harvey Firestone once said, “I believe fundamental honesty is the keystone of business.” Firestone’s assessment is especially true in the machine retailer industry. When a customer is looking to...

    28 Apr

    Three Top Tips to Follow Selling Used Equipment

    Is your company looking for a guide on selling used equipment? When listing machinery for sale, it’s important to know the market. Many are lured by the idea of...

    25 Apr

    Five Ways to Make Selling Machinery Easier

    Selling machinery equipment or an entire plant can seem a daunting process. Many companies don’t know what to do with machinery when they are ready to upgrade or replace...

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