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Machinery Resources International, Inc. offers flexible financing options to help you purchase the equipment you need without a significant cash burden. Get the equipment and materials that are right for your needs without having to sacrifice quality or financial stability. We have created a seamless transaction process that allows you to take ownership of that new piece of equipment quicker and with fewer headaches.


Financing could be the best payment option for your next MRI purchase for a number of reasons.

Fast Turnaround
When the newest piece of equipment or latest technology is crucial to your business; waiting for the funds to be available isn’t always an option. Get the products you need quickly and starting driving in revenue.

Available Cash Reserves
Avoid the heavy burden of paying for equipment up front. Paying over time through financing means you’ll be able to keep your cash reserves clear for other business expenses.

Predictable Monthly Payments
Budget early and avoid dealing with any surprises or variability with a predictable monthly payment.

Soft Costs Included
Financing offers the ability to bundle your soft costs – including delivery and installation– right into your finance amount.

Flexible Options
We offer competitive rates and flexible terms so you can begin using the equipment before it’s entirely paid off. Seasonal and deferred payments can also be arranged to align with your business schedule.

Potential Tax Benefits
Certain financing options including capital leases, fair market value leases, and equipment financing agreements can offer benefits when tax season comes around. Consult your tax professional for details.


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  • Documents are sent electronically
  • Complete the documents and sign
  • Receive your equipment

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